Package org.jnbt

Class Summary
ByteArrayTag The TAG_Byte_Array tag.
ByteTag The TAG_Byte tag.
CompoundTag The TAG_Compound tag.
DoubleTag The TAG_Double tag.
EndTag The TAG_End tag.
FloatTag The TAG_Float tag.
IntTag The TAG_Int tag.
ListTag The TAG_List tag.
LongTag The TAG_Long tag.
NBTConstants A class which holds constant values.
NBTInputStream This class reads NBT, or Named Binary Tag streams, and produces an object graph of subclasses of the Tag object.
NBTOutputStream This class writes NBT, or Named Binary Tag Tag objects to an underlying OutputStream.
NBTUtils A class which contains NBT-related utility methods.
ShortTag The TAG_Short tag.
StringTag The TAG_String tag.
Tag Represents a single NBT tag.